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sir my wife filed a case of khula in civil court. she is not in contact with me since 1 month. i know that my wife is under pressure of her family she is not willing to spent her life with me but she did not want khula also. her father is a chronic hypertension  patient and has no son. my wife is also a depression patient. we have 2 kids 1 son and 1 daughter. i filed a case of HAQOOQ A ZANN ASHOI against my wife. this is reality i can not live with out my wife and children . my wife and her family not attending any phone call from me and my family. so kindly tell me what can i do against the father of my wife?


  1. As soon as you ll file a written statement before court, family court shall fix a date for reconciliation, you can claim in your written statement that case has not been filed by the your wife. Then definitely your wife has to appear before court for reconciliation and at that time you can make efforts for a reunion.

    you have already engage a lawyer , please do discuss the matter with him for a better advice.

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