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Custody of Child (F). she is 9 months, her mother escaped from house and got our child’s custody through court orders. I want to retain my child alongside wife but somehow my wife is willing to live seperately which I cant afford currently. My question is that ‘my wife is working women and often visits china during which my daughter suffers and nobody can take care of her properly, also my wife is living with her brother and parents, both parents and brothers wife are affective of bad diseases and besides her brother has two sons which really bothers me concerning my daughter’ please advice if there is any positives for me legally to file the case. will appreciate your kind feedback. If yes. please also confirm your fee structure for such cases.


  1. It seems impossible at this time but you may visit our office for detail consultation. If you have evidence to show that the welfare of minor lies with you and the health of minor is in danger with her mother.

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