A Civil Suit for the declaration is pending in High Court whereby the Court has issued interim order "No Coercive Action shall be taken against Plaintiff", But the Revenue Department/Commissioner Office forwarded Enquiry Report to Land Utilization Department wherein it was observed that the lease Notification issued in favor of the Plaintiff was sought on the basis of fake documents and declared the plaintiff as land grabbers, therefore the requested to same lease notification may be revoked/cancelled. If the Land Utilization Department revoke/cancel the lease notification then it would be contempt of court or not. My email address is salogdcl@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 by salogdcl


  1. Sir. your lawyer may guide you better than us n this case. However, according to your wordings it seems that court has restrained the defendants from taking any coercive measure, so in that sense it is not a contempt of court. However if they rid to disposes you in presence of this order of high court then it ll be contempt of court.