Question :

Is a contract of sale agreed in the UK for a property in Pakistan valid in Pakistan?

I am asking this for a friend, who asked me. I work in conveyancing and wasn’t aware enough of this situation to answer.

They are selling a property in Pakistan. They are living, currently, in the UK. They buyer that they have found, is also living in the UK. They have agreed a price and are currently in the process of agreeing a contract for the sale.

If the contract is agreed and made for the sale of the property, will the contract stand in Pakistan?


  1. Yes it ‘ll be a valid contract but I highly recommend that it should be done in prescribed manners as stated below:

    First of all stamp papers should be issued from Pakistan, sent to UK, drafted, signed by both parties and two Pakistani wintsess and then attested by Pakistani Embassy. Then it ‘ll be a valid agreement to sue a party in any case.

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