Question :

Dear Sir

Subject: PhD Study Leave and Release of Salary

Respected Sir,
Kindly refer to the subject matter for your kind consideration and early necessary action that:-
1. I have been serving School Education Department since 07.02.1989 and since 09.06.2009 as SST Science (BPS 16) at GHS Kalabagh, to the entire satisfaction of all the concerned, with showing good results and earning very good ACRs.
2. I was allowed admission in PhD w.e.f. 05.04.2012 in NIPS, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad for which my Study Leave under rules was allowed/sanctioned by the Director Public Instruction (SE) Lahore vide 11750/Admn {Male}-1 w.e.f. 05-04-2012 to 04-04-2015. Meanwhile, despite, my repeated in-writing requests, extension in PhD Study Leave was not notified by the authority concerned for unknown reasons.
3. Meanwhile, my PhD Course Work was successfully completed and my applications for extension of PhD Study Leave remained pending for sanction before the DPI (SE) Lahore on file. But unfortunately, the Headmaster GHS Kalabagh illegally stopped my salary without assigning any reason and directions from the Study Leave Sanctioning Authority, the Director Public Instruction (SE) Lahore.
4. As I have cleared my PhD Comprehensive Exam and I am on the verge of completion of my PhD Dissertation under title, “Utilization of Natural Resources of Pakistan: A Case Study of District Mianwali (2010-12)” with Prof. Dr. Naureen Talha as my Supervisor, within the stipulated time.
5. I submitted separate applications for next three years study leave vide letter No. 5325/Admn, dated 28.11.2014, 5405/Admn, dated 02.12.2014 through the office of Executive District Officer (Edu) Mianwali and vide DEO (SE) Mianwali Diary No. 1879, dated 07.03.2015 respectively for approval.
In the above circumstances, the applicant have repeatedly been requesting in writing/ reminding for release of salary and sanction of Study Leave but in vain. My pay was released during my Study Leave w.e.f. 04.04.2012 to 30.04.2013 but my salary has not yet been released which is unjust, unfair and mental torture and depriving me and my family from bread and butter without assigning any reason by the authorities.
Under these circumstance mentioned above, what should i do that my PhD Study Leave i.e. 05.04.2013 to-04-04-2016 and Study Leave Salary w.e.f.01-05- 2013 onward may be allowed and released enabling me completion of my PhD Research Work/ Dissertation peacefully.
Thanking you in Anticipation,

Yours Obediently,

Muhammad Naeem Qureshi
SST (Sc)
PhD (Candidate) (NIPS) Quaid-i-Azam
University Islamabad.
Cell No. 03455833017


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