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Hi. I have been living in Switzerland since 5 years with my husband and three kids. My husband made me and my kids victims of domestic violence several years while living in Switzerland. I kept quite due to my kids because i dont want to break my house like all pakistani women. But in August 2017, he took all of us to Pakistan by lieing that his job has been finished in Switzerland. After bringing us back to pakistan, he divorced me and snatched my kids from me. (Because he couldn’t do it in Switzerland ). After that he came back to Switzerland. I contacted swiss embassy islamabad and came here again just to claim my kids back from him. But with the fear of swiss Police he ran back to Pakistan. Now the situation is that i’m living in Switzerland and he is living in Pakistan but i dont know where my kids are. My daughter is 9 years old and i’m too much worried about her (due to child abuse situation in Pakistan). My kids are living somewhere without mother and father. My husband belongs to a village and has three young nephews who are famouse as rapist and robbers of their areas. Kindly help me or guide me what i can do for my kid’s safety while living in Switzerland. I cant go back to Pakistan because my life is in huge danger. Please reply


  1. Did you file any Custody petition in Switzerland?

    Yes, you may take the custody of minor within 3 t 4 days through a writ petition before High Court. It l be better if you come to Pakistan (Lahore or Islamabad) for 3 to 4 days only or you may file a petition through Special Power of Attorney. Dont worry about the search of children, it ll be the duty of local police on the order of the High court. We require the address of your husband only and cell No if possible.
    It’s your fundamental right as well statutory right to get the custody of a Minor daughter in this age.
    Please contact for more details @ +923214610092 or email at

  2. 19/11/2018

    Thanks for the answer. Its almost impossible for me to come back to Pakistan. My husband is very dangerous person. I’m not safe there. A person who can snatch so young kids from mother , divorced a wife without any reason or left a highly skilled job in Switzerland due to fear of Swiss laws, then you can imagine how psycho he would be. He’s living somewhere else but kids are with their relatives. It proves his mental status and irresponsibility towards his own kids. I hired a lawyer but lawyer wanted me to come to Pakistan as well . But the main problem is that i can’t.

    • Yes, as told earlier you may appoint any relative or friend as Special Power of attorney to file a writ petition.

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