Question :

My wife damp me and make a baby for his boyfriend
What can I do? His boyfriend and his brother ask me we are kill you only one his brother is kwon what is realty and he is
My wife and his boyfriend are planning on my property, if we are kill him all property will be our but his brothers are don’t know what is realty.
What can I do? For my safety and my property safety
If I give him divorce his brother and my father ask me why you give him divorce. My father ask me don’t take DNA test and my wife gone behind my father.
My wife give full instructions on him boyfriend planning for my property and where I’m gone and killing me plan
My father ask every thing was wrong and I’m lair and i have afair with any other girl but this was wrong
Can I give a wahseeht nama after my death my property will be not give in my wife and him baby
Can it possible for that. If not how can I do?
And give a hibaah on my mother and father.
My property 59.5 kanal 1 Marla price 1.75 lac govt valuation
What can I do? If I take DNA for baby every thing open but my family members no doing this for test my wife gone hiper


  1. This is a very sensitive issue, please visit our office for detail consultation. thanks

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