Question :

A Nikkah was performed as follows:
Bride and Groom were together in Florida, USA and Nikkah was solemnized by a Nikkah registrar in Karachi, Pakistan through a live audio/video transmission.
Original Nikkah nama was later mailed to the Bride and Groom, which they signed. Nikkah was performed in the presence of 2 witnesses. This kind of arrangement is often known
as “double-proxy” marriage.
Is this marriage considered valid and is acceptable by the government of Pakistani?
Is this marriage in accordance with the Islamic laws?


  1. If same NIkkah form has been attested by the embassy of Pakistan then it ‘ll be valid Nikkah for registration in Pakistan. on the other hand, Oral Nikkah is also valid according to Islamic rites and it can be registered later after removal of technicalities. But I am afraid the USA does not admit such Nikkah as Valid Marriages. for more information do consult us @

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