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My estate agent deposited a cheque into my account. This cheque he had received as advance from a potential buyer of my property. Final payment could not be made on the date he agreed. I have not signed any kind of agreement or any receipt with anyone. I am ready to refund the deposited money to the same account from where it came.

As there is 2months of silence, I am wondering if the potential buyer can take a stay order for the property? Note, I have not signed any kind of agreement or receipt with anyone. Thank you.


  1. They may get a stay order from court as its seems that a oral agreement was executed agisnt whom you received a huge amount. but it can be set as aside easily without wasting of time.just be prepared file a reply within time that same installment has been deposited with an unsuccessful attempt to commit a Fraud with active connivance of estate agent. No agreement exist however, we are ready to return the amount which was sent to our account with malice.

  2. 18/07/2017

    dear file a written statement of the suit of the buyer and narrated in your reply that the buyer with connivance of agent wants to grab the property of the you. you can also file an application to the concern SHO for registration of criminal case against the buyer and the agent that they both wants to grab your property. further detail call 0300-8431006

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