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Assalam alaikum.

Trust you are well. Apologies for the awkward time as I am based in London.

I was born and raised in London although I do have a Nadra Card /ID card for Overseas Pakistanis which I believe entitles me to travel without a visa as well as sell property.

My father was from Lahore but he moved to London in the early 1970s.

He owned a property in Lahore which he brought in 1996.

Unfortunately, he died recently. He was in the process of trying to sell the property before passing away.

I will obviously need to travel to Pakistan, most likely in the New Year to sell the house. I am assuming I would need a solicitor /lawyer and wondering if this is a service you offer.

I would need some advice on whether to transfer the property in my name or set up some kind of Power of Attorney where I or my mum and sisters can act on our behalf as General Attorney to sell the property. My knowledge on this or Pakistani property law is very limited but I have been advised that the General Attorney route is quicker but your advice would be welcome.


  1. First of all, you need to get this property transfer in ur name to further sale our the same.
    You may get it transferred in ur name through General Power of attorney but I never advise General Attorney for a person living abroad since long. you may trust your relatives in Pakistan but in my opinion, it should be avoided or should be ready to become a victim of fraud.

    However, you may give special Power of Attorney with specific and limited powers to start your case in civil court for declaration decree in your or in favour of all legal heirs.

    you may call us for details @ +92 42 37110092 or +92 321 4610092.

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