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A widowed woman, of age 69 years, whose husband had 3.9 acres (39 jaribs) of land. She has two daughters and two step-sons. Her husband left his will, in which he divided his property according to sharia. Thus, he distributed land among his wives and children. Now, her older stepson has encroached their land with force. And he is pressurising them to not to seek any legal assistance in court ( so that he can grab the whole property without their consent). Moreover, he is not giving them their land. In this case, I need your help where to go (in which court), whether this is a valid case? I need your assistance. Please help!!


  1. is property’s title transferred in the name of legal heirs? ? if not then first go for declaration decree before the civil court as per if the title is cleared then partition of the property before collector is advised. Yes,d definitely its a valid case.

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