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My husband signed a 30 rs stamp paper for his home which actually on his father’s name,to his first wife..he has 3 more brothers & 3 sisters now his wife launched a case in family court to name this property on his name she did this after receiving 3 notices of divorce because she has affair with someone in family but not leaving that guy..witness on stamp paper is also that guy..what is legal position


  1. It seems that your husband has gifted the property to his first wife in presence of witnesses. if this gift is also incorporated in the Nikkah nama then your husbands’ property is in trouble. on the other hand this is a good case which can be defeated. father of your husband died or alive…? who else signatory on Nikkah Nama and Affidavit from family…? Write us details at or call +92 335 9099100

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