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How to Change my date of marriage. I got married on April 3, 2016, and divorced my ex/previous wife on January 6, 2019. Now marriage is before the divorce. I want to get change my date of marriage after January 6, 2019. Or put the date as April 3, 2019. The problems are if you contract a marriage before divorce then you are not legal to get immigration to Canada.
Just to change the date of marriage after my divorce date. I have one daughter two-year-old and she is citizens of Canada from this wife. I want to change the marriage date on union councils and NADRA certificates. Please advise?
To do a new nikkah in court or get a degree from the court. Then I will be eligible to bring my current wife to Canada.


  1. Yes, we can help you. as you already have a child from the second marriage then the date of divorce should be changed instead of changing the date of marriage. it ll be better to call us and discuss your issue in detail. Please call @ +92 321 4610092 or landline +92 42 37110092 during working hours. Thanks

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