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sir i got married in March 2017. i enjoyed good relation in first year. i was working abroad and my wife was in pak. after 1st child birth she changed. i was working under pressure and she put pressure on me to leave job and come to pak.
before marriage she was teacher in private school. she was m.a punjabi and i pushed her to go for pcs. i arranged car and driver for her travel and paid all expenses. but when i came back she changed.
she go to job 6 days a week and on 7th day she pushed to go to her sister house. her parents are dead. many time i stoped her to give 7th day to personal life but she start shouting. i talk to her sister and she shouted over me too
then in September 2107 she got jaundice and her value rose to 3000. whatever medications my doctor gave she left in middle. it took 7 months to recover but thanks to Allah she got pregnant second time..
even then she used to creat problem in house. quarrel with me my mother and other family members.
She is expected to deliver in march 2020 but i am fed up with relation. i left pak again for job search. i want your advice. can i left her proving she made my life miserable and not giving time to family life. i just want to take my children. advise me


  1. as same is a very sensitive issue, you should give a little more time to your relation, focus to find out a good job. you may call us for detail consultation or email us at or call +92 42 3711092.

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