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After getting married in a court in Lahore, I moved to the USA, but my husband remained in Pakistan. Regrettably, I find myself without any official marriage documents, and I have lost contact with my husband as he has blocked me and changed his phone number. Complicating matters, I am facing threats that prevent me from traveling to Pakistan. The lack of a divorce creates significant challenges, impacting both my legal status and personal well-being. I am seeking advice on how to initiate the divorce process without having to return to Pakistan, given the complexities of my current situation.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve faced in your marriage. However, it’s possible to obtain a divorce decree from a Family Court in Pakistan even if you don’t have the marriage certificate or Nikkah Nama. No need to travel to Pakistan; the divorce procedure from abroad is straightforward. We’ll draft a special power of attorney, send it to your email, and once you sign it, after apostille or attestation from the Pakistan Embassy, you can return it via DHL courier. We’ll then file your case in court, possibly recording your statement through Skype. Your husband can also appear before the court and submit written statements. After filing, the court schedules the first reconciliation date; if unsuccessful, a divorce decree is issued in 30 to 45 days. Post-decree, it’s submitted to the relevant union council. The divorce decree takes 90 days to be effective, and after this period, the Union Council/Arbitration Council is obliged to issue a Divorce certificate. For additional information, please visit our YouTube channel.

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