Asalamoalikum My father bought a plot in Humak, Islamabad through my uncle but due to lack of knowledge and mismanagement, they don't know the exact location or nishandehi of plot. We have Naqal/ register haqdaran e zameen in the name of my uncle who has given me general power of attorney Mukhtar e aam. (Does power of attorney have an expiration date?) Now my question is how can I find the exact location of my plot?

Thursday, July 30th, 2020 by zainaltaf54


  1. Attestation of Embassy remained valid till 120 days of attestation, so u can use the Power of Attorney within 120 days if not registered in Pakistan. Once the same has been registered with due process, there is no expiry and the same shall remain valid as per instructions of the executant.

    you can file an application before concern Tehsildar for its demarcation. The concern patwari shall visit the area and ur plot shall be located.
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