My friend's wife filed a case against him for maintenance and children's expenses etc (I think in your terms it is known as 17-A). My friend went to another country and has been living there for some years now. He has not given any money to her ex-wife as ordered by the Court nor has he returned the dowry to her. His ex-wife went to court for execution, but since my friend is out of country with no address information, the case is pending now. What he wants to know is that when he returns, what will be the consequences ?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 by onlyonechance1979


  1. To Know whether he contested the maintenance decree earlier or not is very much important for us for better legal opinion. However , in any case he has to pay the maintenance of minors , whereas quantum of maintenance may be reduced through appeal or setting aside ex-parte (if so )proceedings. If came after contacting his lawyer well before his arrival there ll not be any problem for him on Airport.