AOA- I am really looking for some strong advice. I am a Engineering Student. Recently My classmate was diagnosed with cancer, and needed almost 50 lakh rupees for treatment. however he comes from a low income house and couldn't afford the expense. Therefore , we all classmates started a donation campaign and spread the word on facebook and social media. Alhamdulilah We got a good response as it was Ramazan (this year 2018). Now What occurred is that we are contacted by a NGO which was willing to donate almost around 20 lakhs rupees. They sent the money to our DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS. however sadly our friend passed away from complications. And it came to our attention that, My friend's family has claimed they did not revive any money from the DEAN of STUDENT AFFAIRS. When you met him , he dirtely told us that he has sent the money. So we are really helpless now and strongly believe that atleast some of the money should be sent to the family. So I am humbly asking you? Is there any action that we may take? Please looking forward to your response . Thanks

Thursday, July 12th, 2018 by hadisoomromoon


  1. This amount was not for the DEAN but for the student only. As now the student has died, the amount belongs to his legal heirs. you may file a direct writ before Hig court. Legal heirs may get a declaration decree from the civil court regarding this amount.

    one fast action ll be registration of FIR under section 406 PPC.