Question :

I want to know about Paternity leave in Federal.

Although my company is private firm yet our service rules try to follow Federal government.

Now when it comes to maternity leave, we follow Federal Esta Code.

But in Paternity, they give us 3 days off only.

I want to know what Federal Government Paternity leave says.

Which exactly rule is it (section and subsection)

I was given 3 days off only. If there is a proper rule available. I want to file a suit. So that many employees get proper facilities as per non gender discrimination (women get Federal Esta Code.. why doesn’t men)

Please respond. Need urgent assistance.


  1. Federal Female employees are entitled for maternity leaves for a maximum period of 3 months with full payment.

    According to section 4 of West Pakistan, Maternity benefit ordinance, 1958, six weeks post natal leaves are compulsory. The Public sector also followed the same wherein maternity is also 90 days with full salary.

    The latest development for your situation, according to Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018 six months leave is mandatory with pay and three-month paid paternity leave to employees in the public as well as the private sector ( federal capital territory only ). It also allows a father to avail one-month unpaid leave “from their leave account”.

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