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My wife is residing in Germany. We got married in Pakistan. I want to divorce her. What is the process of divorce according to Pakistani Law. To register the divorce in Nadra, do I need her sign on divorce papers? If she does not sign the divorce papers then Nadra will not issue the divorce certificate?


  1. As per injunction of Islam and Pakistani laws you may divorce your wife at any time without her signatures on divorce deed. If she is ready to sign then it could be a mutual divorce i.e called Talaq Mubbarat.
    If you intend to pronounce divorce upon your wife, the procedure is much simpler. we will prepare a divorce deed along with power of attorney of your lawyer or your blood relative in Pakistan to represent you before Arbitration council/ Union Council.

    Get attested the Divorce deed and POA from the Pakistani Embassy and send it back to Pakistan. we 'll handle the rest of proceedings before Arbitration Council and after 90 days of notice to Union Council/Arbitration Council Talaq Certificate shall be issued to you.

    for further assistance please call us +92 321 4610092. thanks

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