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So my school doesn’t provide air conditioning and forces us to study in hot classrooms (one is quite literally made of tin and makes us feel like we’re being boiled alive). We had to fight to get fans put up in our classrooms. We find it near impossible to study in such hot conditions. What makes it worse is that we’re attending a private school, who take large sums of money from us and then expect us to be okay with the disgusting facilities we’re being provided. We don’t have a proper school ground, our school building is literally a home converted into a school despite promises of a new campus (which have been made for years but never fulfilled), we don’t have proper science labs, we have outdated computers and yet we’re being expected to pay the same amount of fees as students in other private schools who have access to all these facilities – in some cases even more. In the winter we aren’t provided proper heating and on top of it aren’t allowed to wear hoodies, jackets or sweaters just the standard thin gray sweater and blazer while teachers can wear what they want. I find these circumstances are highly unfavourable especially considering the amount of money our parents pay to send us to these schools. Girls in my school have literally fainted from the heat. Is there any action we can take at all to stop this? Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.


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