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Sir/Mam, I want to ask and not only ask but want clear cut solution to my problem, problem is in inverted commas” I have 1 sister and 1 brother, I have some property and cash, as I am unmarried, I want that after my death , my brother will not be and should not be in the position to claim even a penny from my property, as I have known recently that the share of property I.e; TARKA ,automatically goes to the relatives, as prescribed in law, please I want a solution to this case, as my brother used to kept worry all the life to sisters, and parents, and he is snatcher and mischievous , fraudulent person, and I hate him a lot, he has snatched much of money and things and share in maternal home already, How Can I safe my property and cash for not give to him after my death??


  1. 15/04/2017

    Aoa. If u marry and have children then your brother will not inherit any property from your tarka and if you die without having cgildren then you can make a will to the extent of 1/3 rd of your property and even if you not satisfied then can dispose off your property to the person of your choice in your life. For further discussion u can call me03334598315

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