Question :

Hi I recently got in serious trouble I’ve had my car window shield glass bust out by my neighbor I made a report but the officer in charge of the incident didn’t really seem interested in serving justice I’ve done all the right things up until I told the woman in charge of the neighborhood about the young girl who kept threatening me I asked her if she could maybe move me because I live so close to the young girl she said that would never happen I’ve been working with an officer to get her boyfriend arrested for selling drugs in the neighborhood damagING the community long story short I went inside the rent office and I was angry about the fact that the young girl had done something wrong and told me she did it and got away with it so that made her arogant the fact that she can do something like that and get away with it is redicoulist and we live so close to each other I let the woman know that I felt like she wouldn’t do anything about it until someone gets hurt and she took that as me threatning her when in actuality all I was saying was I could get hurt or anyone this is a serious charge and i’m not a violent person I have a clean criminal record


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