Family Lawyer



Mr. Gull Hassan Khan is an experienced attorney who became qualified as an Advocate in 2007. He began his remarkable legal career at the prestigious Mian Law Consultant in Lahore. He quickly made a name for himself as an incredibly gifted and accomplished lawyer with unwavering dedication and sharp legal acumen, specializing in the complex areas of Civil, Family, and Constitutional Laws within Pakistan’s intricate legal framework.

Mr. Gull Hassan Khan Advocate High Court started his own legal practice in 2010, and it has since grown into one of Lahore’s most prestigious and well-regarded legal firms. This legal firm, Pak-Lawyer Associates, has earned its reputation as a reliable legal resource in the community by being acknowledged for its dedication to quality. Significantly, in March 2018, the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) recognized and approved this business, and it was formally registered as (Pvt) Ltd with incorporation number 0117425.

As the Chief Executive of (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Gull Hassan Khan leads the company with a wealth of legal knowledge and a resolute dedication to justice. To further demonstrate his extensive knowledge of legal nuances, he is a distinguished member of the legal advisory panel of several companies, including Myson Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd., First Punjab Modaraba Company, MAL Pakistan Limited, Sui Northern Gas Private Limited, and LESCO (Lahore Electricity Supply Company).

Mr. Gull Hassan Khan practices law in a variety of areas, with a wide range of legal specialties. He is well-known for his expertise in Pakistani civil law, where his in-depth knowledge of court precedents, legal nuances, and legal procedures allows him to give clients embroiled in civil disputes outstanding legal representation.

His prowess extends to Family Law, an area where his compassionate approach is complemented by his ability to navigate the emotionally charged complexities that often accompany family legal matters. Clients rely on his legal expertise to secure their rights and interests.

In addition to these primary areas, he practices consumer protection law, immigration law, child custody matters, and the complex field of international child abduction cases under the Hague Convention. Due to his extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of these diverse legal fields, he is a highly regarded and coveted legal advisor for those looking for guidance in these areas.

Mr. Gull Hassan Khan is a distinguished legal expert in the field of constitutional law due to his thorough understanding of the Pakistani constitution and its application in court cases. His commitment to protecting fundamental rights guarantees that clients’ rights are safeguarded within the bounds of the law.

In sum, Mr. Gull Hassan Khan’s professional history bears witness to his proficiency in law and dedication to the ideals of justice. His reputation as a leading legal practitioner has been cemented by his commitment to influencing Pakistan’s legal environment and his capacity to offer outstanding legal representation in a variety of legal fields.