Assalam alaikum. Trust you are well. Apologies for the awkward time as I am based in London. I was born and raised in London although I do have a Nadra Card /ID card for Overseas Pakistanis which I believe entitles me to travel without a visa as well as sell property. My father was from…

Have a local attorney to issue a memo regarding a third party payment.

Hi, I have a query for 10-C Bonus as per the standing orders of Commercial Establishment. Is the Manager category exempt from the eligibility of reeving Statutory Bonus? The definition of a Workman is “workman” means any person employed in any industrial or commercial establishment to do any skilled or unskilled, manual or electrical [18][work]…

What is the law on hiring people and not giving out employment letter to them? on the contrary they do deduct tax and other line items. If ask for the letter they say that it is not necessary to get the letter.

How to register Trust” in pakistan. Please let me know how to proceed regarding Fee & procedure etc ? Thanks

I am looking for some advise on formulating an employment bond/contract for hiring remote employees from different cities in Pakistan. Can you help in this regards?

Hi. I’m a dentist working without pay at a prominent University hospital in rawalpindi. I am working in two capacities, as a demonstrator and as an FCPS resident. My contract mentions that i am a paid employee, but i have not recieved a penny since the last one year. Do i have a case?

My company didn’t pay me for 5 months and now firing people with clearing their amount, I have their vehicle which they gave me when I joined them year ago. Is there any chance that I keep their vehicle as a security until the clear my amount

Hi, I work for a firm. You know in Pakistan they don’t give you a contract. They simply hire you on monthly basis. The firm where I work is a registered firm & they didn’t pay me for more than 2 months. When I asked them to clear my payments, they refused giving it to…

What is basis of calculating overtime is it on basic or gross salary? should the hourly rate be calculated on 26days or 30days?

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